Please see your Beach Attendant at "The Hut" for Equipment Rentals and Hawaiian Shave Ice. We are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm seven days a week from March 1st to October 31st of each year. We will gladly accept cash, checks, MasterCard, and Visa as forms of payment.

Owner's Association professionally managed by FirstService Residential. Condominium Rentals professional managed by Sterling Resorts.

Sterling Sands Beach Rules

  • Beach Flags: A colored flag system is in place and posted for your safety. Please observe and obey these flags.
  • Local Beach Rules: No Glass, Pets, Fires, or Vehicles are allowed on the beach. Littering on the beach is prohibited.
  • Sand Dunes: No walking, playing, or sitting in the sand dunes or on vegetation surrounding the sand dunes. Florida State Law demands that you keep off of the sand dunes and do not disturb the sea oats.
  • Noise Disturbance: No radio or music systems are allowed to play at excessive volume or use offensive language. If a guest complaint is received, the beach attendant will politely ask that the volume be turned down. If the guest refuses to comply, the Association Manager will be called to settle any disputes.
  • Tobacco Usage: Cigar, pipe, or cigarette smoke may be offensive to downwind patrons. If so, the person smoking may be asked to extinguish their smoking device or move to a location that will not offend other guests. Cigarette butts and cigar ends are considered trash and must be disposed of properly – not in the sand.
  • Canopies and Tents: Canopies and tents are not allowed on the beach. Baby beach tents designed to provide shade for infants and toddlers are still permitted provided they are no larger than 3ft x 3ft.
  • Personal Equipment: ALL Personal Equipment (chairs, umbrellas, coolers, towels, etc.) must be cleared with the attendant who will allocate space for you. All Personal Equipment must remain behind the rental umbrella rows. Individuals who rent a set-up and wish to place personal equipment directly in front of their rental set-up will be allowed to do so, except for the use of personal umbrellas, etc. All personal equipment must be removed from the beach, nightly. Any equipment left on the beach over night, will be stored or thrown away. If they are stored, you will be charged a $10 fee for breakdown and storage. Again, we are not responsible for any equipment left on the beach overnight.
  • Personal Volleyball Nets Personal Volleyball Nets Personal Volleyball Nets: No personal volleyball nets are allowed. Guests may contact the Beach Services who will provide volleyball nets for their use.

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